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Why Red Rose known as a symbol of love?

Why Red Rose known as a symbol of love?

Every year Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 in the memory of Saint Valentine. Valentine’s Day is the biggest festival of love. Millions and billions of lovers celebrate it and make efforts to impress their beloved one. Gifts are the easiest yet elegant way to show case one’s love. Expression of romance and passion does not get any better than roses, more so with Red roses. These majestic flowers have been used by poets and lovers to appreciate their love. But have you ever wondered why red roses? Why not pink roses or some other gift altogether? Well, this five minute read will surely shed some light on the topic. Read along to know the significance of red roses.

According to one legend, the Roman goddess of love, Aphrodite, created these flowers, other Christian legend associate roses with Virgin Mary. These legends and beliefs make people associate roses with love and romance.

According to an ancient Arabic tale, a thorn pierced a nightingale’s body when it pressed its body to a white rose. Its blood turned the white rose into red. This tale is symbolic of the intense love and red rose was the symbol of it. Red roses have also been used by kings and queens to praise one another. Also, poets have been using red roses to add romantic touches to their poetry.

Red is the color of blood. It is the color of life. Red roses make lovers feel a deep connection, one at the most intimate level. The beauty, fragrance and appearance of red roses appeal to the senses of lovers across the world.

These are broadly the reasons why people all over the world speak the language of love using red roses. From being the perfect gift for rose day to making Valentine’s Day celebration memorable, roses have become a go to gift for every romantic occasion. The meaning of red roses also depends on the number of roses that you are presenting. One rose symbolizes love at first sight, while a bouquet of 50 or 100 roses symbolizes unfathomable love.

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