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The Language of Flowers: What Your Valentine Bouquet is Really Saying

The Language of Flowers: What Your Valentine Bouquet is Really Saying

We have entered the delicate month of February. The fragrance of love can be smelled everywhere. Couples make promises to each other and confess their feelings. Just go and embark on the boulevard of making proposals to your sweetheart by gifting her Valentine's flowers.

Match the depth of emotions you have for your sweetheart with a Valentine's flower bouquet. Designed specifically for her, we are always there to customize her liking and choice of flowers. Undeniably, our flowers work like love letters that speak your heart out. Go beyond in the season of love and order rose flowers from us!

Flower Bouquet Offers a Slice of Joy

Our Valentine's bouquets are ideal representations of lovely moments spent together. The idea is to celebrate the day of LOVE with immense sweetness and freshness. Combine a delicious chocolate box with a flower bouquet and witness the sweetest opportunity to grab hold of the day. You can scroll through our wonderful collection of Valentine's Day gifts online and impress your love!

However, before you select a beautiful bouquet from us, just think about the sentimental message that you wish to convey to her. We have different flowers that convey different feelings and messages. No wonder, every individual understands the language of flowers. It has evolved with time but still, the attraction of flowers conveys silent dialogue.

Now, in this blog, let us tell you the symbolic meaning of different flowers that we give on Valentine’s Day:

Rose Flowers

In every era, rose flowers are considered to be a symbol of love. The color Red is of LOVE. It is a choice for Valentine's celebration. Without looking here and there, order a Valentine's Day rose flower from us!


This flower denotes your bond of friendship. It is a perfect flower for your closest and most supportive friend. These flowers freshen up your home as well.


Are you planning to declare your love but still falling short of words? Then you should go for tulips. Or else, in your love relationship, if you want to say sorry to your soul mate, then also these flowers work the best.


Exhilarate your emotions of love and joy through these flowers. We have an amazing collection of gardenia bouquets for the love of your life. These flowers are said to possess good spiritual vibrations.


It is a divine flower for all. You can strengthen your bond of emotions and love by gifting these flowers to your girl on 14th February. She will be on cloud nine after receiving this beautiful surprise by you! Gifting these flowers can represent the level of trust you both share since years.

IGA is all geared up to make your Valentine's most happening. We have all possible blooms for your love. With us, you can reinforce your bond of love with same-day flower delivery. You need not worry as we make sure that our Valentine's flowers delivered to your girl’s door are in perfect condition.

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