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Why Is Diwali Celebrated In India?

Why Is Diwali Celebrated In India?

Diwali is a festival that is awaited by all of us. Irrespective of their caste and religion, this festival is enjoyed by all. Everyone gets loads of Diwali wishes and sweets from their loved ones. Everyone goes shopping for their special Diwali dress and other new accessories. Even after so many years of celebration, the question comes up to everyone’s mind:

  • ‘Why is Diwali celebrated in India’ or 
  • When Diwali is celebrated’?

Well, if it doesn't we are here to let you wonder about it a little more than usual. After a bit of information provided by us you would want to search up a bit more facts about it. We will tell you everything about exactly why Diwali is celebrated for what reasons. So let's move on to the exciting world of entropy.

When Diwali is Celebrated in India?

This Diwali festival is a very important occasion and is not only celebrated by Hindus but also Jains and Sikhs form a large part in its celebration. It falls between October and November and marks the commencement of the year according to the Hindu calendar. You would be fascinated to know about the various reasons why Diwali celebration is done across the world.

  • For some it's just to honor the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. It's said that the diyas for Diwali are put up to help the Goddess find a path into people’s homes, bringing fortune in the upcoming year. Well, this Diwali you could gift your loved ones diya to show your well wishes for them.
  • For some it's a celebration of victory of good over evil. A legend about how Lord Rama defeated the evil Ravana and returned back to Ayodhya with Goddess Sita is very famous. You surely would have heard about this one. This is the reason Hindus give Diwali dry fruits boxes and sweets to celebrate this occasion with enthusiasm.
  • In Bengal, Goddess Kali (one who is known to drive away the evil powers) and in Nepal, Lord Krishna is worshipped during Diwali to celebrate his triumph over the sinful king, Narakaasura. 

These are just some of the many places where people celebrate Diwali for various reasons. Now moving on to ‘how Diwali is celebrated’.

Same Day Diwali Gift Hampers and Sweets Delivery

There are ‘n’ no. of ways how one likes to celebrate his / her Diwali. 

  • Some would prefer it to be eco friendly. Giving Diwali gift hampers to their family, spending time with them whereas 
  • Some spend it in a wild way. Loud firecrackers everywhere and all time.

We got nothing to say on this. Just don't forget to spend some quality time with your family. We, IndianGiftsAdda have all the options open for our clients. We have never duped them and will never do so. Now, you are worried about Diwali sweets delivery? Then, check Diwali chocolate gift ideas! We have more than you could think of on our website. Not only that, we also have same day Diwali gift delivery for the ones who surfed at the last minute. All in all, let's make this Diwali in 2024 a special one for your people. Have a happy and safe Diwali!

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