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Top 10 long distance birthday gifts ideas to make someone happy

Top 10 long distance birthday gifts ideas to make someone happy

Birthdays are special, really special and no one should spend these alone without the warmth of their near and dear ones. It is arguably a busy world where, in order to achieve things, we often have to stay apart from the ones we love and that is fine, until you guys still value each other. How many times have you sent a quick 'happy birthday' to someone and they replied with many emojis? You think that a text was enough to show your participation but it actually is not.  Let us not leave any stones unturned and wish for a fabulous way to spend birthdays from afar with unique ways to wish birthdays online! 

Go through our list of how to make someone's birthday special online and be traditional even in this digital era! 

Mail a birthday party with a surprise delivery of gifts

While it is obvious that being in touch physically is not possible, you can always cheer them up with online birthday delivery gifts. Pack together a birthday surprise online and include all the things that are up their alley! You can either decide online birthday gifts yourself or help us with some amazing ideas for birthdays. This way, even when you are not there, you can still carry out your surprise plans for a birthday

Spend time on a zoom call

Take some time out of your packed schedule to give a perfect ending to the surprise for your best friend's birthday. Celebrate with the birthday gifts delivered online that you conducted to showcase your love!  Chat and catch up with your besties while snacking on your favorite snacks or better yet, plan a much awaited movie night! Whatever you do, the online gift delivery for birthdays is going to be absolutely heartwarming.

Dessert time

Cakes and birthdays go hand in hand. Prepare a mouthwatering cake for as a part of the birthday gifts surprise and spread delight all over from a distance! Send online gifts for birthdays along with their preferred flavor and enjoy it together! You can either let us decide how to pack the gift online for the birthday or tell us the specifics. Make a best use of our online birthday cake delivery and steal the show.

A warm hug of personalization’s

It is very normal to wish for the best online gift for birthdays and we are here to help you achieve that. When you post the same day delivery birthday gifts, make sure that you also have something precious for them in store - something that money cannot buy. Maybe, a video message or just an edited video of all the memories you have. 

A virtual party

With a ton of birthday gifts ordered online, your bestie is sure to feel special and loved. Your duty however, does not end here, spend time with them on a call or just gossiping away about everything while aweing over the birthday surprise to your best friend! Make this even more realistic by adding complementary like balloons and whistles! 

A trip down the memory lane

If you are looking for online gifts for birthday for someone, it's obvious that they matter a lot for you. This also implies that you have a lot of fond memories with them. Keeping these precious things in mind, attaching a Polaroid of pictures depicting both of your bonds! With same day delivery birthday gifts for him or her, you are sure to reach them just on time. 

Gift + cards

Anyone who doesn't love subscriptions and free stuff, especially for their favorite activities? No one, right? Well then, your online gift for the birthday is sorted with some handy gift cards or subscriptions. For this to be successful, it's essential that you know the birthday person's likes and dislikes. Good luck! 

A shopping spree

Get in birthday girl/ boy, we're going shopping' yes, with a little adjustment to the iconic mean girl’s movie quote, you are ready for a very dramatic and virtual birthday gift online shopping spree! Shopping is always fun especially when you do it with us! Check out our website during your wholesome shopping time! 

Going back to the classics

Back in the 2024’s, when we essentially stayed awake all night just to decorate a piece of paper. That paper had a lot of feelings invested in it. The receiver would be so much happier, more than seeing a Facebook post. Let's upgrade a little, with our printed and customizable birthday cards, make this birthday a special one and have your birthday gifts delivered on the same day

A birthday donation

The most generous and special online birthday gift idea is donating something to a good cause. If you have a very sacred bond with this person, donating to a cause that they actively support and giving them the badge of honor as an online order for a birthday gift will be amazing. 

P.S. While you are on our website looking for crazy yet unique long distance birthday gifts, you will find some pretty affordable priced items and effective yet safe delivery options to aid you while you are preparing a heartwarming birthday surprise! 

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